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Mr Scotiasofts Home(city tips)

Battle Monsters Farm(To d/l battle monsters demo and d/l monsters)

Battle Monsters Library(Battle info)

Battle Monster free store(Screen savers, AIM buddy icons, desktop patterns...)

Hi guys! YEEHA! Welcome to the Battle Monster farm! If your new to this fine game, Click This to download!

Dowloadable Monsters

Oh NO! sad! We only have to little amounts of monsters! And its litter. We are upset! If you dont send us monsters that you bred, our farm will end up like this!

Send your wonderous creations here! At

The downloadable Monsters


  • Hi. This is the farmer. Golem is a good monster that protects the farm, he is ultra strong, and tough, but he is dumb and slow. He is a great monster with brute strength. Good with a power strategy I recon.(made by Mr.Scotiasoft)


  • Hi guys, Farmer here. This here monster is RhinoDino. RhinoDino is strong and fast and has snow magic, making him a fierce opponant. His mother is Rhino and the father is SnowLizard.(Submitted by Jokem)


  • Howdy partner! We've rounded up cattle, for to to breed and battle with. This Cow has got the moves and groove to make itself rejuevinate its HP!(Submitted by Happydayz729)


  • YEEHA! We got ourselfs a cat here! This cat is fast and smart and knows water techniques? YES! Its 1/8 agu! This is the second generation of this family. The parents were a leopard, and agu-cat(Submitted by Shorty5715[contact her on AIM]


  • Whoa Nelly! This is one wild monster. This leopard is straight from the store, and is at level 3. He is a good pet, but he is mutated from the typical leopard.....(Submitted by DeOS