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Mr Scotiasofts Home(city tips)

Mr Scotiasofts Home(city tips)

Battle Monsters Farm(To d/l battle monsters demo and d/l monsters)

Battle Monsters Library(Battle info)

Battle Monster free store(Screen savers, AIM buddy icons, desktop patterns...)

Mayors house

Welcome my friends to my home!

Battle Monsters is a game where you battle and breed monsters at your computer, or ONLINE!

I made battle Monsters for you guys. I have some cool hints to tell you

  • Battle Monsters are all good, but the best are the random monsters A problem with these are you have a 30% chance of getting a whinyworm, ant and firefly, the worst monsters.
  • The fastest monster is Leopard. get that for an early advantage
  • It took me 6 hours to make this wonderful game and it is Always being updated, by YOU! You can update it by sending me a monster that you saved and made, and it will be put on the site

    By the way, here is the smartest monster, my personal robot Click here to get Mr.Scotiapet

    Mr. Scotiapet

    My email